Veronica Anagallis-aquatica - Water Speedwell

Closely related to Brooklime are two 'varieties' of water speedewell. V. anagallis-aquatica is the blue water speedwell and Veronica catenata is the pink water speedwell. Both are edible, though I hadn't identified the plant at the time so didn't sample it. I brought a specimen home but it did not flourish in my own pond. Howver I have since found a local stream in Burwell where it grows profusely. It also grown in Pauline's Swamp, Burwell.

I was contacted once by a lady who had an unidentified plant in with a bunch of French watercress. Turned out to be water speedwell.

The young leaves have a pleasant enough texture but a slightly bitter taste - though the bitterness is not unpleasant. It could be a useful addition to a wild salad.

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