Epilobium parviflorum - Small-flowered willow herb

This is a common garden weed that usually gets removed. However it can be added to salads. These photos are indeed of 'weeds' growing in our garden!

It doesn't have much taste. However it is claimed to have very beneficial medical benefits - particularlty to the prostate, bladder and kidneys. So it may well be worth adding occasionally to a healthy salad. The leaves have little taste and are a not unpleasant texture to add to salads.

The plant is quite variable in leaf colour as the photos show.

[Epilobium Parviflorum jpeg]
Epilobium Parviflorum
[image 8/EpilobiumParviflorum2/jpeg]
Epilobium Parviflorum
young plant
[image 9/EpilobiumParviflorum3/jpeg]
Epilobium Parviflorum
older plants: the one in
foreground has been cropped,
[image 10/EpilobiumParviflorum4/jpeg]
Epilobium Parviflorum
[image 11/EpilobiumParviflorum5/jpeg]
Epilobium Parviflorum

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