Cymbalaria muralis - Ivy-leaved toadflax

Ivy-leaf toadflax is a pretty plant that, as the latin name (muralis) indicates, grows on walls, paved areas, gravel etc. It has a pretty violet flower, and is worthy of cultivation in any garden with suitable habitat. The seed-pods are interesting , for as they form, the stalk bends backwards towards the plant roots. It is this behaviour which hopefully will allow the next generation to find a suitable chink in the wall in which to grow.

The leaves though small are quite fleshy and may be added to salads.

Cymbalaria muralis - Ivy-leaved toadflax
Cymbalaria muralis
Ivy-leaved toadflax

The specimen photographed was at the bass of a breeze-block wall of a farm building in Wooton Fitzpaine, Dorset. Photographed August 12th 2008.

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