Claytonia perfoliata- Spring beauty or Miner's lettuce or Winter purslane

This is a plant well worth trying, should you have a good supply nearby - it grows profusely in suitable conditions and is easy to identify. It grows profusely in spring but can be available all year round. It has a nice crisp but tender texture. The flavour is of - "green leaf" similar to chickweed and various other plants, though this "green leaf" taste is fairly strong but by no means unpleasant

You can also get seeds for Miner's lettuce from seed merchants.

Claytonia Perfoliata1 jpeg]
Claytonia Perfoliata
leaves and flowers
Claytonia Perfoliata2 jpeg]
Claytonia Perfoliata
in a drift
Claytonia Perfoliata3 jpeg]

Claytonia perfoliata is not a native British plant but was introduced from the Pacific coast of North America. It has sometimes been grown as a salad vegetable. It can grow in dense drifts, as photo 2 shows.

All photos were taken 12th of May, 2012 at Icklingham Plain.

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