Alliaria Petiolata - Garlic mustard or Hedge Garlic

A very common plant in hedges, shady lanes, field edges.

Photo 1 taken 2008, May 9th. Photo 2 taken 2009, March 18.

When crushed the plant gives out a pleasant garlicy odour, so you might expect it to be a very good salad plant. However when eaten, it hardly tastes of garlic at all and there is another taste I find not too pleasant - a bitterness. Probably best used sparingly in salads.

It's very common and hardly mistakable for anything else, not only for its fresh green appearance but also its unmistakable garlic odour, so it's pretty safe to experiment with. Which is probably why its one of the most commonly listed edible plants. If you are going to experiment use only the very young fresh leaves, before the plant flowers.

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