Wild Food: Onion Rings

Onions aren't exactly a wild food, but this page gives two unusual methods of pickling them and it is certainly in the spirit of wild food.

Picked onions are a favourite with lots of people. But why do the large onions never get pickled? My father used to pickle them - and they end up as a quick and delicious pickle.

Pickled Onion Rings

Take standard onions and slice them into rings about 10mm (3/8") thick - it's not critical. Put in a jar, cover with vinegar.

48 hours later they are ready to eat!

Kimcheed Onion Rings

I tried the same thing with the kimchee method. The result was very interesting! The final flavour, which seems to take several weeks to develop, is rather like cheese-and-onion.

However - onions contain lots of sulphur. During the kimchee ferment, this is released, mainly as H2S (hydrogen sulphide). The result is noxious!

Although the resulting onions are very nice, I shall probably not be repeating this: my wife and I both prefer the vinegar pickled onion rings described above. That and the noxious fumes emitted during the kimchee process will probably put me off doing it again: onions are not a free food and there is so much free food around which is nicer kimcheed!

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