Wild Garlic Soup

This simple potage will feed ten. Use your imagination to vary the ingredients.


1 large onion
1 small leek
3 sticks celery
You can use alexanders in place of celery (Carl)
or lovage or hogweed (Richard)
250 gms butter
1 large potato
500 gms wild garlic


  1. Sweat off the chopped onion, leek and celery with the butter (without colour) for 5 mins
  2. Add the peeled & chopped potato & cover with just enough water to cook.
  3. Simmer for 30 mins
  4. Add the washed wild garlic & continue to cook rapidly for 5 mins more
  5. Blend your mix (use a work top type blender or even a hand blender)
  6. Add cold water to your mix to get the correct consistence & season to taste
  7. By not adding all of the water at the beginning, you will be left with a dark & vibrant coloured soup

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