St George's Mushroom Terrine en Croute

Carl Shillingford, who supplies these recipes, says:

To be honest this is looking really good (and the smell....)
if you have a chance try the terrine, we could have a modern classic, it's that good!


200 gmsFillet beef steak
20 mlWorcestershire sauce
250 gmsSt George's mushrooms + salt
Pork farce
1.5 KgPork Mince
150 gmsOats
200 mlMadeira
100 mlBrandy
75 gmsGrated wild horseradish
40 gmsEnglish mustard
to tasteMaldon Salt & cracked pepper
Pate farce
2red onions
500 gmsbutton mushrooms
200 mlport
250 gmspork liver
250 gmspork mince
to tasteMaldon salt & pepper
Hot water pastry
200 gmsbeef dripping
75 mlwater
75 mlmilk
600 gmsplain flour
6 gmssalt
Cumberland sauce jelly
30 gmsDijon mustard
10 mlWorcestershire sauce
100 gmsredcurrent sauce
50 mlport
Good pinch ofginger
Salt & cracked pepper
300 mlwater
15 gmsgelatine


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