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This site is dedicated to the gathering and preparation of 'wild' food plants with photos of them in leaf and help in identification.

Of course, there is no fundamental difference between wild food and 'tame' food: you can grow wild food in your garden! It is also difficult to decide what is 'food' in this context: there are many plants which may be eaten, but are really not worth while. It's also a matter of timing - plants, even cultivated ones, have a 'correct' time, when they are good to eat. Before this they may be too small and undeveloped. After this they may get to tough and unpalatable. That is even more true of uncultivated food! Then there is taste: a plant that is nice-tasting to one person may be revolting to another.

So this site is also about botany and how to identify plants - particularly when they are in leaf only and not in flower. The photos therefore will hopefully be unusual and interesting. I think there's no point in my doing 'wild flower photography' - too many other have already done that!

As a working definition let's say that, for a food to be 'wild' it has to be uncommon enough commercially that you either have to grow it yourself or harvest it from the wild, or that the preparation method is interesting enough to be presented here.

This site is very much ongoing: there is a lot I can add, if it interests you - please indicate your interest via the contact button! I can also use assistance so if you would like to help, use the contact button!

Edible plantsA (partial) listing of edible plants
This is the index of plants on this site by common and Latin names
Edible plants - a pictorial indexA (partial) listing of edible plants
Edible fruit and nutsin United Kingdom
RationaleThe rationale of wild food gathering
Poisonous plantsAny wild food harvester should learn how poisonous some plants are
RecipesRecipes using wild or foraged foods
Orchard planting patterns

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